Saturday, 4 May 2013


Well hello there to all you Internet viewers. Sorry for not having posted in so long! Just started the spring term in school and it's pretty busy. Will try and post as much as I can, cos I've got really good vibes lately. I've been unable to post due to painting a picture for my friend ( it should be attached here), revising for tests, reorganising my room, going for a job interview, and procrastinating a lot.
But yeah, since it's almost summer ill try and post a bit more often.
I'm currently read A Clockwork Orange. Like, I'm only on the second page or so. It's already quite interesting, but the author uses a helluva lotta slang which is quite hard to understand. But I'm sure ill enjoy it.
Now, I need to compose a summer playlist and reading list for this year. I will as soon as possible; I am surrounded I'm piles of art homework and school and other unimportant things like confirming a place for work experience. I'm going to Wh Smiths cos, you know, books.
Yeah, so this weekend I'm kinda busy; got a friend for the night tonight, and in Sunday I'm out in lakeside. Which gives me time to get some cool outfits to show you guys. If I have any money. But Monday is bank holiday so ill try and write then!
Ciao for now,

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Some kind of wonderful

Well hello to you all out there. We've just travelled for three hours to some hotel near Alton towers - we're going there tomorrow (excitement!)
In the half term I have seen a grand total of three friends. This must be some kind of record. Suppose I've done better than my sister, who has seen nobody. Hahahahahahahahaha.
For the majority of this holiday I have been sending pictures to Tilly, which I will put in another post because I am on my phone, to show you I'm still alive and I'm stiLL WATCHING YOU. I went to Cambridge yesterday and my mum told me to buy some clothes and pumps. I brought series four doctor who, the Vincent can gogh (LIMITED EDITION) tardis poster and a pair of black patent dms (fake, but my mum thought they were totally real and they even have the (almost) yellow stitching.). My mother must have been proud.
See, I spend all my money on doctor who. But we found this comic shop ANDTHERE WAS A WHOLE AISLE OF DOCTOR WHO STUFF OH MY GAWD. Yup so I have to go now. G'byeeeee.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

I say we just grow up, be adults, and die

Heathers is another one of my new favourite films. So many pretty colours and people.

The humour was great too. Their outfits reminded me of Cher from Clueless, blazer and skirts with collared shirts.

Even the scenery was great - especially in the church scenes - the pink bed, and floral patterns. The stained glass windows were also great.
I really have a love for the 80s, and like every teen wishes - that they were meant to be born in a different era - I'd have SO liked to be around in the 80s. I don't know what it is, but frankly, I'm fascinated by it all. From the music to the clothes. I made a polyvore of some of the key items:
Sixteen Candles (Molly Ringwald) (Okay who DOESN'T love every Molly Ringwald film) was another great movie. [John Hughes] directs brilliantly and the outfits are always brilliant.
You have to admit that Jake Ryan was very good looking. I can't even - gah.
(Not mine, source unknown)
I'm into polyvore's today, So here is another one.
I might post later if  I have any more to say :)


oh so inspiring

I thought I should get back to fashion blogging instead of posting endless rants, so here we are. It's half term at the moment, and I'm home alone (didn't want to go to my nan's), so I thought it would be a perfect day for blogging. For the majority of the week so far, I have been online shopping and watching 80's films. I've watched Sixteen Candles, The Virgin Suicides, The Heathers and random others. I got some really good vibes and outfit stuff. 
It's pretty self explanatory. I really need to get a pair of saddle shoes, I couldn't find any last time I went out - but I did buy all this:
I got this little fella from Jemporium Vintage, £6. It's my new favourite thing.

Skirt and top, Primark

It's all from Primark. I had no money, okay?

I also made these Bowie and Riot Grrrl bracelets. Be jel.

I'm gonna post another in a minute - I have nothing else to do. I'm just sitting at home watching friends and listening to Bratmobile.


Sunday, 31 March 2013

Ranting on.

You know, I can't even do this anymore. I have this false identity of someone who is happy and fine but I'm really not sometimes.
Some things just really piss me off. Like, most things I just sit and listen and fume and calm myself down, but then there are certain subjects that really make me want to shout. Issues like feminism and rape and depression. Stereotypes of young people, genders, sexuality. It really just makes me want to cry.
See, I made this Twitter friend a few days ago and we talk quite a lot now. (I have three twitters and this was on my #Illhueminati one (Illhueminati is this cult like thing on Twitter - a group of people making wonderful and beautiful sentences from just a few characters.), so don't try and find me or anything.) We were talking about emotions and relapses and she was telling me she got raped a couple of years ago. She is mentally scarred.
And what I can't understand is why WOMEN are often blamed for rape. 'The clothes were too provocative', or 'I couldn't help myself.' These are NOT excuses. I don't believe that we should change the way we look and act because some men are unable to control themselves. Contradicting what I say, I am also aware that there are rapists that are women too, and I stand by that no one should have to change anything about themselves to cease rape happening.
There isn't enough being done about these issues. There is never enough being done about the issues that are at the heart of all problems with society. We are too busy with things such as climate change and global warming and new railway tracks. I don't understand why I am so opinionated on topics such as these because I've not experienced anything as such to trigger such thoughts. It's just something I believe strongly in. But no one listens to me anyway.

Oh and happy Easter everyone.

Friday, 22 February 2013

Just a Bit Delirious

I seem to be apologising way too much for my absence on this blog. I haven't really a good excuse, I've been watching too much TV and listening to too much music. I've also had a bit of homework, a lot of Art. I haven't finished any of it yet. This isn't good.

I also have the excuse that I've been pondering over a good post to write on here, but I have yet to come up with great ideas. Don't you hate it when you're reading a book and you wish you have written it? Me too. It sucks and it's a rather draining feeling you're left with. Hmph.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Not My Division

Again, I apologise for not having written for quite a while. I have been preoccupied with various episodes of Doctor Who and Sherlock, and Tumblr and Twitter and lots and lots of homework. In which I have yet to finish.
When I start a blog, I always have high expectations and convince myself I will blog daily but I never usually do aha. I might have to schedule posts or something and remind myself that I need to write more often. I have been reading The Picture of Dorian Grey recently and I must say it is one of the most inspiring books I've ever read. It has also been very influential on me and my mind has thought in ways I didn't think it could. I've also been writing an awful lot of nonsense in my journal lately - of things that actually matter and then some things that don't matter but I would like to think they do. (They still don't.)
Earlier I was thinking about issues such as feminism, racism, homophobia etc. I still can't understand why there are so many people that think they know better than everyone else. For instance men, have been the superior race for decades, perhaps even centuries. Yet women, for all of this time have been underestimated.  I believe that we should be equal. I mean, for God's sake, it is the 21st century. This equality should apply to laws, jobs and everything other. Of course, there are jobs that men are perhaps more suited for, such as things with logic and mechanics. This may be a stereotype, yet it is proven that men have a build that is naturally better for strength etc. And women are better than men at certain things too, and not all requiring a feminine mind and stereotypical jobs such as being a housewife. A man could never be as good a mother than a woman, and a female could never be as good a father than a man.  And I think that obnoxious people - not only men - are entitled to having an opinion, but I don't think they are at all right (my opinion) in saying that different genders shouldn't have equal rights. I also disagree with the stereotype of feminists themselves - as ugly, hairy lesbians, basically. No, that is indeed not the case.
Moving on to LGBT arguments, I am glad that same sex marriage has been legalised in the UK, and I am also proud of those who stood up for it. Considering that probably half of the people at my school used to think I was a lesbian (I am not, and never was.), I, myself am completely for gay marriage and I think that there should be some sort of gay-straight alliance and collaborations in schools to make homosexuals more accepted because it really isn't right for them to be treated any different.
There really should be a gay-straight alliance. Because way too many people are being bullied for the wrong reasons. Actually, there are no right reasons for being bullied and I don't think it is taken seriously enough. Bullying and cyber bullying and sending hate is completely unacceptable but the social awareness of it somehow seems to glorify it all. If you ban something, people only want to do it more. Anonymous hate is becoming quite the trend at the moment. (I've gotten quite a bit in the past) and I don't think sites like should be made, because surely the makers of it know that there are always going to be people that use it in the wrong way. It just isn't right. And nobody has the right to tell someone to kill themselves or hurt themselves, in any way at all. In any form of hatred and bullying, nobody, not ever has the right to tell someone that.
Bullying. I don't think anyone realises how powerful it can be. It really can kill somebody, it's nothing to joke about. Even small accounts of it can add up. You can't save somebody from themselves.
Parents and teachers telling students 'if they're being bullied to tell someone about it', I mean do they really think that a victim is going to tell somebody about it? I don't know anyone that has been bullied to have told somebody by choice. A few posters around a school do nothing. Not even the videos and plays. It makes people think, but the bullies themselves are most likely not taking any notice. There must be another way. There must be. To stop people from bullying and stop people from being bullied. I propose that there is a system. A system that not only doesn't tolerate bullying but repels it completely. Bullying doesn't only happen in schools and it isn't only with kids. It is a worldwide activity and is one of many reason I don't particularly like the human race. Perhaps we should build on the anti-bullying system we already have. Telling someone not to be afraid of bullies isn't going to make much of a difference. It needs to be even more known, we have all of this technology and we might as well use it for something useful. It is a worldwide issue, as is poverty, global warming - and they are being dealt with and advertised in such a bigger way than bullying.
But advertising and posters is never going to be enough. It needs to be even bigger, because there are always going to be elements of bullying in an environment.
We should make it a law - making it illegal to bully. It should go on your permanent record. If you bully someone, it goes on a record under your name, your file. (If that even exists, or people say that to make you behave, whatever.) We need to remember that often bullies have a reason for bullying, but it shouldn't be an excuse and they shouldn't at all get away with it.
Children don't want to go to an adult or talk to someone, because they think it is a weakness. They feel as though they have to suffer in silence. There should be a system within schools where your tutor or an adult or a various other teacher sits down and has meetings with each of their students, one-to-one, seeing if there are any issues. Not often students go to teachers. It has to be the other way round sometimes. Meetings may need only to be 5 minutes or so, but it could change how someone feels.
I truly think that this should be an idea taken seriously. If we can stop bullying in schools gradually, it will lessen quite a lot.

Wow I've written more than I expected. This could be because my internet has been down and this was the only thing I could do for a bit.
Thanks for reading, if you did. This is only a draft so if there are any mistakes, feel free to tell me.
None of this was intended to offend anyone, and if it is, I apologise and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.